I didn’t really set out to be a photographer… it just happened. I couldn't tell you why for sure… but I really love capturing the sights and beauty that surround me.  I love refining, perfecting and even obsessing over my photography… It’s my great passion!

I was born and raised  in New York City.  I worked in various positions at ABC Network News, both in NYC and Washington, DC .  As you can imagine my  job was filled with a great deal of stress, so my camera became my escape from all the chaos.  I now travel  the world and my photography is a visual record of that journey.

Photography  is a reflection of a person’s reality with a ‘filter’ overlay. My work shows the authenticity that I see in front of me. It reflects my opinions, attitudes, and experiences. My art is also my voice. This is me; this is what I have to say. My hope is that others will understand what I’m saying and find joy in the experience.

My work has been showcased in art shows in Washington, DC, as a book cover, in newspapers and galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Telluride, Colorado.